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5 Cleaning Hacks for your home

Life doesn't have to be hard; does it? Doing your kitchen chores can be fun and easy, there is no need to tirelessly scrub those stubborn stains. Sometimes, chores around the home seem like they never come to an end, and considering all the time you have lost, all in the name of clean-ups, be it a watermark stained sink or the dishes. Check out these cleaning hacks.

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The Blender Cleaning Trick

This is a relatively easy trick to use and it cleans like magic. Just fill your blender with water, add some liquid dish soap and blend for a few minutes. Rinse afterwards.


Clearing Broken Glass

We are not perfect and we tend to break glass from time to time. When this happens, it shatters, leaving us with little pieces that we can't seem to pick up. To clean up, simply press a slice of bread against the pieces. Voila! See all the tiny pieces of glass disappear.

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The Mighty Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used to do and clean a lot of things one of which is cleaning your sliver ware. Baking soda can also be your teeth whitening; all you need do is mix baking soda and lime to make a paste and then brush your teeth with it. That's not all, it can also remove coffee and oil stains. A little vinegar and baking soda mix can be great for cleaning your oven. This might be a bit surprising but baking soda can also be a great solution for cleaning your couches and sofa too.

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Shampoo Your Hairbrush Clean

Our hairbrushes can sometimes prove really stubborn to clean, but we can do it in under 5 minutes. Just add shampoo to a bowl of water and whisk your brush in it to make it clean. Yes, it's that simple.

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Giving Your Bathtub a Bath

Cleaning your bathtub can be one of the most tasking chores ever in a home, especially when there are watermarks, grime and all that dirt hanging there. Take a teaspoon of liquid soap, a few drops of antibacterial oils and of course, our most trusted agent, baking soda. Mix them all to create a paste and use it to clean the bathtub conveniently. Also, baking soda and bleach can clean the dirtiest part of your bathroom and leave it sparkling.

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Clean your Pressing Iron

To make this happen effectively, you need a piece of paper or foil, salt and make sure your iron is very hot. Spread your paper and add your salt over the paper, then run your iron over it. It takes all the sticky dry stain right off.

These are just a few; there are numerous life hack cleaning tricks that you can apply to doing your chore. Save time by practicing these cleaning hacks.

Till next time, people. Stay stylish.