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10 Style Resolutions For The New Year For Ladies

It's a brand new year and of course the order of the day is the New Year resolutions we have made. Now in all honesty, we have to accept that these resolutions are quite difficult, I mean, the idea behind them is to quit what we know is detrimental to us. And sometimes, sinful pleasures are all we want in life. So it's time to step up and fix those goals we have made concerning work, health and relationships. That aside, this post is actually based on our style and fashion resolutions for the year. We all have our own fashion statements and styles, agreed and no one is saying we need to change them. Each woman's style is unique to her person, which is a good thing. However, since it's a new year, it might also be a good idea to adjust your wardrobe in a way that does not totally make you look different, but new in a refreshing way. Oh, and some things are just downright wrong. Here is a list of New Year style resolutions that we would not regret keeping.

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Sew More Outfits With the Traditional 'Ankara'

One would understand the need for this resolution. With a good tailor, you would begin to appreciate the traditional wears coming up more and more every day.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

You need to drop the habit of wearing shoes that don't fit you because you want to follow the trend. Following the trend is good, but first you have to be comfortable and feel good in what you wear.

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Wear clothes With Great Fit

This is very important. Clothes that fit make you look smart and generate a lot of self-confidence. When women wear clothes that do not properly fit their body types, they end up looking dowdy.

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Wear Colors That Suit

Of course it is ok to wear daring colours. However, daring does not mean you have to look crazy or out of place. Daring means you stand out, even in a room full of beautifully dressed people.

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Wear other types of earrings. Wear racy underwear sometimes. Wear colors people have never associated you with before. It is good to be unpredictable sometimes when it comes to style and fashion.

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Stop Hoarding Clothes You Know Won't Fit or You May Never End Up Wearing

Some of us attach such a huge sentiment to our clothes and accessories. We do not know when to give them up. Sometimes we do, but we refuse to. It's the time to stop taking up space with clothes we know we won't wear anymore. Give them to charity, or a family member, or just throw them out. Create that much needed space.

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Take Better Care of Your Clothes

Take your clothes to the drycleaners if you do not have time to wash, starch and iron them. Keep your clothes properly in your closet, either by hanging or folding them. This would increase the lifespan of your clothes.

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Quit Wearing Just One Color

You might find it hard to believe, but there are people who are exactly this way. Sticking to your dark colors all the time would just succeed in putting you in a dreary mood. You may even begin to depress the people around you. So it's time to add a little more color to your wardrobe.

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Switch to Using More Than One Color of Lipstick

With the different enticing shades of colors of lipsticks available now, this particular resolution would not be hard. Choose cool colors for your day to day outings, and maybe fancier colors for your night outings.

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Accessorize More Often

Take out your time to get more accessories for your outfits. Stock up your closet with larger neckpieces, bangles, or charm bracelets, dangly earrings (do not be one of those people known with only one earring they never take off), and rings.

Also, to add a few more things, wearing loud make up should totally be on your list this year. And also depending on the shape of your body, you might want to stop wearing tight clothes.

Till next time, people. Stay stylish.