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10 Healthy Achievable New Year Resolutions for 2016

Making resolutions are so easy and interesting, it could be compared as buying a new car and vowing to maintain it and make sure you never even have as low as half tank ever in it, but just a short while later you are probably driving a dirty car around.
What makes our resolutions hard, is when we make resolutions that are unachievable like we intend to become the md of a multinational company before the quarter of the year and you're probably just a new employee. No one says it's bad to dream but at least make plans that are achievable, so you don't get depressed when you can't actualize them.
Most people's resolutions are getting fit, losing weight, and eating healthy. This list of New Year's resolutions hardly make to half the year. The problem is many health resolutions are big and too vague to accomplish. This year try to aim smaller and be specific. Choose easy to achieve resolutions.

Here's a list of 10 very easy health resolutions that I am sure you can maintain at least half of for the rest of the year. If you don't have any resolution for this year you can still join on this, it's never too late or too early to decide to live healthy

Drink water

Drink water

Take a lot of water. make sure you drink a glass of water every morning once you wake up ,have a reusable flask with you at work or school, this starts our list because we know how easy it is to keep this going on for as long as possible. As easy at is to take water every day its benefits are enormous.

Lose weight

Lose Weight

This is always the biggest and most frequent resolution, but it's also the hardest to carry out all through the year. the best way to go about this is not expect immediate success, you can expect to be a super model just after one week, like i said earlier i the intro, when your expectations are too high that's when you start getting disappointed. use a food journal or join a food blog to advise you on what kind of healthy meals you can take, lastly get a tutor, partner or mentor to help encourage and remind you regularly so you would never slip off or quit during the hard times.

Stay positive

Stay positive

Make motivational playlist for inspiration on life and health matters, read health orientated books and motivational books as well, basically anything that would imbibe positivity in your life.

New lifestyle choices (go greener)

Go Green

This is interesting because by making this very easy resolution, you're not only helping yourself but also your environment and the world as a whole. park the car once in a while, take strolls, ride your bicycle, don't fill your fridge with tempting fattening products you don't really need, exercise more at home that way you're saving money too, if you smoke or drink excessively, quit.

Avoid stress

Avoid stress

Pressure now and then might not kill you. Funny thing is stress as an adult is inevitable. But when you allow the stress to get chronic, it can increase your health risk or lead to depression, insomnia, obesity, high blood pressure, and more. Avoid unnecessary long work hours, small sleep hours, not exercising and isolation. Instead make time for yourself, visit family and friends, work smart not hard, take vacations and very importantly try to stay happy with whatever you're doing.

Sleep more

Sleep more

Yes i had to pay emphasis to this because most people don't know how important it is to have the right amount of sleep, if you cut short your sleep time you put yourself in health risks like obesity and diabetes. Sleep helps strengthen your memory. Always feel free to take naps when needed and minimum of 8 hours sleep at night.

Dental care

Dental Care

People tend to ignore their teeth and mouth in general, no one is saying you must dress your tooth's up, all you have to is brush at least twice a day and floss regularly. Please stay of industrialized sugar for as much as you can.

Write a Journal


Create a journal and write down your achievements and failures for the day so, you can work on easy ways to surpass the failed task of that day without much stress.

Social network

Social Network

Once in a while stop chatting and just educate your mind read an educational journal or read anything at all, that adds knowledge, it's good for your brain

Avoid Overfeeding


Finally and almost most importantly stop eating when you are 3/4 full instead of waiting till you're overstuffed. Overfeeding is never healthy.